Answer:An Create an IAM role for the EC2 that allows list access to objects in S3 buckets. Boto library must be 2.5.0+. After you connect to your EC2 instance, run the following AWS Command Line Interface (AWS CLI) command to generate an authentication token.

With a role assigned correctly the SDK should not need any additional configuration in order to retrieve the credentials for that role from EC2's Instance … Launch to instance with this role, and retrieve an role’s credentials from EC2 Instance make metadata. Connect to your EC2 instance using SSH. Copy and store the authentication token for later use. How to Use this Guide The guide is divided into the following major sections: Setting up the AWS Tools for Windows PowerShell (p. 2) This section explains how to install the AWS Tools for Windows PowerShell. 4. However, after setting IAM to each instance. Name of the IAM instance profile (i.e. 1.
Enter a name for the role, then select Next Step.Remember this name, since you’ll need it when you launch your Amazon EC2 instance. ; In the Identity and API Access section, choose the service account you want to use from the dropdown list. Step 1: Create a new EC2 instance using Amazon Linux which has AWS cli pre-installed. Google Groups. Console . Click Add > Add role assignment. Open the IAM console.. When you then use the Amazon EC2 console to launch an instance with an IAM role, you can select a role to associate with the instance. Seamlessly join an instance to an Active Directory domain. Follow these instructions to assume an IAM role using the AWS CLI. This excludes the EC2 metadata service for EC2 instance role credentials. For .NET, the credentials provider chain is as follows: The App.config file. application should be verify the existence of file in S3. It also covers how to instance_tags

One requirement though, is that the instance will require an IAM Role where the code will be executed on.

Click Access control (IAM). the previous exception is because I forgot to set iam to instance. If you use the AWS Management Console to create a role for Amazon EC2, the console automatically creates an instance profile and gives it the same name as the role. Can you create IAM security credentials for existing users? Does that sound right? With a role assigned correctly the SDK should not need any additional configuration in order to retrieve the credentials for that role from EC2's Instance Metadata Service. In the Cloud Console, go to the VM Instances page. In the Role drop-down list, select a role such as Virtual Machine Contributor.

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