Note: Your USB-C port must support DisplayPort over USB-C (DP Alt mode) in order to work with this adapter.

This MST hub lets you connect four monitors to your Mini DisplayPort™ (mDP) 1.2 equipped Windows® tablet, laptop or desktop. The Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter lets you stream high-quality A/V content from your laptop or tablet to your HDTV and HDMI monitors. Any USB-C to HDMI dongle can be used to run DeX without a dock on the Galaxy Note 9. [DisplayPort Quick Guide] Daisy Chaining 2 to 4 Monitors. I have been able to do just that with an aftermarket dongle. Use it in conjunction with an HDMI cable (sold separately) to watch movies, share photos, or switch to expand your workstation with a mirrored desktop. Daisy chaining is the act of connecting many monitors using only one cable on one DisplayPort 1.2 Output and then one short cable between each DisplayPort 1.2 monitors.On most DisplayPort 1.2 video card, CPU integrated graphics or laptop port you may connect up to 4 monitors running at resolution of 1920 x 1080 or 1920 x 1200 However, there’s no compulsion to buy this particular dongle if you want to use DeX without a dock on the Galaxy Note 9. The DP2VGA3 DisplayPort to VGA adapter lets you connect your DisplayPort-equipped desktop or laptop computer to a VGA monitor or projector, ... which means that the DisplayPort connection must be the source and the VGA connection must be the destination. The hub features a newly engineered chipset that was specifically designed and rigorously tested to resolve compatibility issues with the Microsoft Surface™ Pro 3. To ensure easy operation and installation, this USB C to DisplayPort cable works with both Windows and Mac computers and allows for plug-and-play installation, removing the need for any additional software or drivers. The dock-less DeX experience is only limited to the Galaxy Note 9.

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